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Birth Doula Care

Facilitating greater health & happiness, in birth and beyond!

Giving birth to a new life is one of the most powerful experiences that you can have in this world. The time before, during, and after this monumental occurrence is both sweet and delicate.

"The postpartum massages were amazingly helpful in adjusting to the body stresses of being a new mama. Lauraina does a great job of checking in and working with what's going on in the mind and body. As a birth doula, her presence at our birth was exactly what we needed; grounding, loving and supportive. As a postpartum doula, Lauraina did what needed to be done and modeled loving, respectful interaction with my baby, from which I learned a lot. You would be lucky to work with Lauraina."

- Velma G. of San Francisco (via Yelp!)

Taking care of your body is more important than you have ever known, as well as caring for the body of your new family. Your entire family community needs to be watered, as it is the tree bearing the new fruit of your baby. Birth doula care is a gift of loving care for yourself, your family, and your baby during this cherished time.

What is Doula Care?

A birth doula provides physical, emotional, and informational support for birthing women, their partners, and their babies - before, during, and after labor. As your birth doula I will be a positive support for you during your entrance into parenthood.

I will be your advocate and your guide, providing educational resources and attentive listening skills so that you are fully informed and confident about your birth choices. I bring the heart of a healer and the skills of a bodyworker to the doula role, and will hold sacred, healing space for you and your entire family throughout the journey of your birth.

Your Birth Doula Package Includes:

    before your birth
  • three 90-minute prenatal visits to prepare and plan for your birth
  • suggestions and information about optimal fetal positioning & prenatal nutrition
  • guidance in creating your personalized birth vision
  • access to lauraina’s personal library of birth books & dvd’s
  • blessing way ritual creation (optional)
    during labor & birth
  • on-call support from 38-42 weeks gestation
  • physical and emotional support for the entire length of your labor
  • natural pain relief during your labor, including massage, position changes, movement, acupressure, relaxation, vocalization, visualizations, aromatherapy, and breathing techniques
  • confident & compassionate support for your personal birth vision: at home, at a birth center, or in the hospital
  • clear & friendly communication with: your family, midwife, nurses, doctors, birth center or hospital staff, & other support providers
    after your baby is born
  • support for 1-2 hours immediately following your birth
  • one 2-hour postpartum care visit
  • guidance for mom & baby’s first breast feeding experience, including establishing successful latch & positioning
  • support for the father or partner in their new role
  • suggestions for non-medical alternatives for healing & comfort
  • referrals to other mother & baby care practitioners
  • gentle Reiki energy work to encourage balance & healing for baby after birth

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Competitive doula rates are available. Please contact Lauraina for scheduling or more information.